Proven safe around the world. High Safety

Proven safe around the world. High Safety

More than 20 years have past since Super Million Hair’s inception. Since then, we have expanded our business to over 50 countries all around the globe. A continuous effort is made to assure the quality and safety of our product. That’s why Super Million Hair is so popular with our customers all over the world.

It is safe for your scalp.

Allergy patch test results as of November 11, 2004, in compliance with the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group (ICDRG) conducted by Gunma University’s Faculty of Medicine Research Department confirmed that Super Million Hair is proven safe on skin.

Will Super Million Hair block hair pores?

No, Super Million Hair will not block any pores because the artificial fibers made from vegetable product are cut into 0.3 to 0.5mm which is 3 to 6 times bigger than the hair pores. The fibers are shaped so as not to disturb skin respiration. Super Million Hair is so light users feel no extra weight at all.

Is Super Million Hair safe for your respiratory system?

The possibility of inhaling Super Million Hair through your nose. Foreign matter bigger than 0.01mm is blocked by nasal mucosa and nasal hair. Super Million Hair fibers are 0.3 to 0.5mm in size. That’s 30 times bigger than the smallest size that can be blocked by nasal mucosa and nasal hair.

In case Super Million Hair is inhaled

When significant air is breathed in, fiber powders can invade the respiratory passage. Powders turn to sputum on wet nasal hairs and discharge out of the mouth. Even if the fibers enter the esophagus, they will be digested by stomach acid.

Can you compare inhaling Super Million Hair with asbestos poisoning?

Asbestos lung poisoning is caused by inhaling asbestos silica dust and talc into the lungs for a long period of time. It is a chronic medical condition. Super Million Hair is made from biodegradable, vegetable-based fibers which do not reach as deep into the lungs.

What about problems of decay?

Antibacterial activity. In general, vegetable-based fibers may decay after a long storage period.
We take this issue seriously, and use antibacterial fibers to prevent contamination.
High – Level Quality Control

ISO 9001 Recognition Certificate Obtained
Quality management system obtained (ISO9001, Year 2000). Delivering the highest quality products is our motto. On-going Research and Strict Manufacturing


Since the beginning of sales over 20 years ago, product R&D is conducted regularly based on feedback from our customers. Strict quality control is in effect to deliver safe products.