20 years of Superior Technology


Super Million Hair’s success is attributed to our continuous effort in product development supported by our customers for the past 20 years. This will show you how Super Million Hair has evolved over the years.




Double inner caps

 A double inner caps design is used. This makes a uniform drop of fibers when holding the container up-side-down during application. This prevents large amounts of fibers from coming out when not much remains inside the container, so that users can have the right amount of application for a natural look.


Antibacterial Fiber

 Most common type vegetable-based fibers may decay after a long storage period. Super Million Hair uses antibacterial fiber to counter-act this problem.



Small window provided to check remaining amount

     A small window is provided on the side of the container to check the amount remaining. To shut out the sun-light, the container is colored brown and covered with a silver film. This makes it difficult to see how much Super Million Hair is remaining. Instead, look through the small window, and estimate how much is available for use. If it is difficult to see how much is remaining, peel off the silver film.

Hair – growth component is mixed

In addition to the following three components: hinokichiall, sialid extract, and carrot extract, Super Million Mist contains an extract that protects hair from thinning due to ultra violet ray exposure. Together with the aforementioned components, Super Million Hair also controls scurfy and rash. Most other hair tonics are targeted only for styling. Super Million Hair is much more useful than other hair products on the market.



No Perfume

Super Million Hair contains alcohol to speed up the drying process.
The smell of alcohol diminishes upon drying.

Specially Cut

     Super Million Hair looks as if it is a powder, but it is a vegetable-based artificial fiber cut into small 0.3 to 0.5mm pieces.
The pieces of fiber are cut in different lengths and shapes to make it easy to intermix with your own hair. Different shapes allow the pieces of fiber to attach easily onto your own hair by static electricity, and at the same time, give your hair more volume.

Patent and Sales Permit for Cosmetics Obtainet

Super Million Hair and Super Million Hair Mist are permitted to be produced and sold.
We are ready to serve you with the highest quality products.